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150 years of quality


Innovative und flexible

Our production in Todtmoos in the Black Forest is the heart of our company since 1885th. Tradition and experience go hand in hand. Through continuous improvement and optimization of the production, we manage today enormous volumes of production of the highest quality always. 140 years Maier household care - find out more.

Quick and competent

Through our modern picking system we can process orders immediately.

Also customer requirements in terms of packaging and shipping dates can be considered individually. Our dedicated team provides daily hard work so that everything runs smoothly.

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Our service team is available every day from 9 am to 5 pm.

Your questions and requests are discussed immediately and directly with you.

Quality from

Basic to Premium

Starting with "Basic", there are good and affordable products. Centrally located the "price performance range". Here the customer will find quality products at

a fair price. In the premium segment are the Professional products with highest quality.

New Product Ideas Botanical One of the trend themes spring / summer 2018. High quality printed palm theme "Botanical". Printed wood products "Made in Black Forest". The imagination knows no limits.

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Peggy Perfect in TV

Im Rahmen einer besonderen Reportage über den heilklimatischen Kurort Todtmoos, besuchte das Südwestfernsehen die Bürsten-fabrik Maier in Todtmoos Au. Die flotte und gewitzte Moderatorin Felicia Mutterer stellt in ihrer Reportage die Kernpunkte des Peggy-Perfect Hausputzsortiments heraus und unter dem Hintergrund vieler Betriebsschließungen der Bürstenindustrie im Schwarzwald

gerade die Bürstenfabrik Maier in Todtmoos-Au erfolgreich am Markt weiter bestehen kann.


We design your housecleaning-wall from one up to 10 meters

The appearance of your Peggy Perfect service shelf are clearly designed, customer-friendly and effective in advertising.

You got less space? We adapt optimally! Compact and well thought Peggy Perfect offers a Selection of the most important elements for outside and interior cleaning in 3 Shelve Units. If you want a wider range, we extend your shelf and create with you the compilation.

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